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  • Prayer for for helper 4 project
  • Prayer for leann and carlos for a place to live
  • Prayer for the Iraq Christians and the foundation of hope to spread
  • Prayer for al and joan abundance
  • Prayer for the knee pain to be relieved
  • Prayer for missny in Tonga --pray for supplies to come freely PRAY - Our ship has (just) come in !! --It was delayed about a week. We will be trusting the Lord to do everything. Thank you all for standing with us in Prayer. Pray for mercy and Divine favor for Mele who will be ...
  • Prayer for earn online @ Online-offline Typist Needed Immediately!
    Work from Anywhere in the World Start Today!!!!
    It's simple, effective and GUARANTEED
    Companies all around the world need employees who can do their work, so they hire people ...
  • Prayer for son My spirit-filled son needs work, money, direction and has gone to seek it.
    He is now down to cans of beans and camping to survive. HELP! he is in Kauai, HI with a car half broke down, too.
  • Prayer for erv To be healed
  • Prayer for Bryson And a speedy recovery..